Korea’s future energy technologies
will serve the international community of tomorrow

The Korea Pavilion of the 2017 Astana Expo, focusing on the topic of future energy,
will promote “Future Energy, Smart Life,” to
demonstrate the potential and excellence of Korea as an energy powerhouse
and create the Korean Wave (Hallyu) across the world in the area of energy and culture.

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Korea Pavilion

Encounter Korea’s energy technologies

Astana Expo Korea Pavilion
Future Energy, Smart Life

From exhibitions and energy technologies illustrated by animation and AR,
to world-class Korean cultural events, Korean cuisine and brand zone….
Encounter Future Energy, Smart Life of Korea
In the Korea Pavilion.


From an abundant, convenient and dynamic mega energy system, To a new & renewable energy system for a perfect harmony between the nature and the human!

The Journey of “Energy Seed” of Korea between the past, present to the future

Embark on a journey to find new & renewable energy with the world-changing energy source, “Energy Seed.”

Energy Korea

Korea, an energy powerhouse

As the first energy, Seed of Light has built a giant city of mega energy system. Our lives have become richer and more convenient, but people have felt the limitations of fossil energy. We will start exploring the possibilities of Korea, an energy powerhouse, with new energy-related technologies.

Future Energy,
Smart Life

2030 Jeju Island

Astan, a boy, is about to breathe life into colorless giant cities and withering trees. He has made an emergency landing on 2030 Jeju, attracted by an unknown light. He returns home after discovering the power of new energy that can rejuvenate the withering trees with the help of a girl named Ara.

Energy Citizen

The widely spreading energy seeds

People are reborn as energy citizens who will create a future world of energy after experiencing energy technology that will lead the future of Korea in a forest filled with trees of light.

2017 Astana Expo

Offering solutions to future energy challenges.

  • 2017


    Expo theme
    Future Energy

  • Period

    Opening : June 10 (Sat), 2017
    Closing : Sep 10 (Sun), 2017

  • Size

    Exhibition area 25ha
    Facilities 149ha

  • Visitors at least

    Kazakhstani 85%
    Korean 15%

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Opening of
Korea Pavilion

End of event

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