Korean Cultural Events

Performances of Korean culture are displayed at Expo and Astana. At the ceremony celebrating the opening of the Korean Pavilion on June 11 and during the Korea Week [July 19-21]. Large-scale K-pop concerts are held, performances are given, and parades are held. The Joint Korea-Kazakh team K-Crew will show many nice and attractive things for 93 days. The event will provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy Korean culture and encourage them to think about future energies together.

  • Opening of the Korean Pavilion

    Time and Date 2017.6.11(SUN)
    Location In front of the Korean Pavilion
    About the Event Preshow: Performance by the K-Crew
    Main event: Congratulatory speeches by Korean and Kazakh VIPs, performance, viewing of the Korean Pavilion, and luncheon
  • Day of Korea

    Time and Date 2017.7.19(WED)
    Location National day stage (inside the EXPO site)
    About the Event Preshow: Korean Promotional Video viewing, performance
    Main event: Welcome speeches by both Korean and Kazakh representatives, performance
    Aftershow: parade and viewing of the Korean and Kazakh pavilions
  • K-Culture Party

    Time and Date 2017.7.18(TUE)
    Location Saryarka Velodrome
    About the Event Kazakh K-POP dance performances, Performance by K-Crew, Performance by a Kazakh band, K-POP group performances
  • Korean-Kazakh energy summit

    Time and Date 2017.7.19 (수)
    Location Rixos Hotel, Astana
    About the Event Event showcase/conversation regarding exportation
    Opening address, congratulatory speech Talks about Korea and Kazakhstan’s joint effort to promote new and renewable energy Dinner event
  • Daily Event

    Time and Date 2017.6.12 ~ 2017.9.8
    10:00 ~ 17:00
    Location Near the Korean Pavilion
    About the Event Sing-along performance with Pororo,
    Performance by the K-Crew,
    Nonverbal performance
  • 2017 Astana Premium Pop-up Store

    Time and Date 2017. 6. 11 ~ 2017.7. 23
    Location Mega Silkway Shopping Mall
    About the Event Display of commercial and sample products along with various commercial events (total 400 sq.m) / Products of 65 companies concerning cosmetics, food, fashion accessories, etc. are displayed